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Preview Hazelden Videos - with 3 minute streams

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Hazelden offers sample clips online of our most popular videos.  Previewing videos online before you purchase them allows you to appreciate the quality of our productions and maximize your budget dollars.

Click on the categories below to see listings of all the videos for which we offer online samples:

  *Drugs of Addiction Collection
  *The Twelve Steps
  *REBT Series (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy)
  *Clinical Innovators Series

  *Parenting for Prevention
  *Real Life Parenting Program 

  *A New Direction

  *Alcohol and Drug Prevention 
  *Healthy Bodies Healthy Minds
  *It's Not Only Murder: Discovering the Violence in Your Life 
  *Moving On to Middle School
  *Moving On to High School
  *Moving On from High School 

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