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    • Contact Greg Rakes if you have questions about the Navy MORE program or don't know how to contact your recovery coach.
    • gregory.d.rakes.civ@mail.mil360-475-5292


Research Shows

    • Research shows that clients who actively engage in continuing care after treatment are more likely to remain abstinent. And Hazelden's research shows that MORE participants who utilize MORE as recommended have higher abstinence rates than those who do not use it as recommended


If addiction treatment is about getting sober,
recovery is about learning how to stay sober.

Navy SealMarine Corp SealYour goal is lifelong recovery. And a strong continuing care program will help you stay sober longer. That's why the Navy gives you Navy MORE—an exclusive, secure, confidential online program of recovery support.

The Web-based Navy MORE program connects you with the tools, support, and fellowship you need to build and sustain your life in recovery. It's free, easy-to-use, and always accessible. Think of Navy MORE as a personal guide on your recovery journey.


Navy MORE Tools

Navy MORE helps you ...

Work through issues commonly faced in early recovery
Identify healthy coping strategies using worksheets and activities
Strengthen self-awareness by journaling thoughts and feelings
Access useful articles, videos, and fact sheets

Navy MORE Support

Navy MORE supports you with ...

♦ A personal recovery coach to provide guidance electronically and by phone
♦ Encouragement from Command and Navy SARP staff
♦ A sober counter so you can track the progress of your recovery
♦ Interactive tools in seven in-depth, focused online modules
♦ Encouragement to set and reach personal commitments each week
♦ Spiritual insights and inspiration through an online serenity tool
♦ Fellowship with other Navy MORE participants
♦ Access to useful articles, videos, and fact sheets

Navy MORE Fellowship

Navy MORE connects you with ...

Online, real-time discussion boards with other Navy MORE participants 
Links to helpful websites about the Twelve Steps, PTSD, and other military resources
Links to social networking

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What Navy MORE participants are saying. . .

    • "After doing all seven modules, I would have to say it is pretty much a bang on program. I used it personally like a guide when I didn't have answers. Completing the modules connected the dots."
  • "I'm grateful for Navy MORE and my wonderful recovery coach. . . You played a great part in saving my life!"
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